Kurt Cobain and the Drugs!

" To die for death is horrible,but to kill yourself with drugs is a senseless remark...You have to think about the people who will miss you,the prople who love you,the people who cares about you!I don't lived his life to know how it is,and i don't want to!" -Maryke Tylor.


Season 1:

  • "If you have anything to ask, you should ask it of me."
  • "So, Bill... are you quite... attached to your friend?"
  • Eric's response to Bill declaring that Sookie was his: " What a pity, for me."
  • "Humans... really, Bill, I don't know what you see in them."
  • To Bill: "How do you stomach that stuff? Don't you find it metallic and vile?"
  • "If you're their poster boy, then the mainstreaming movement is in very big trouble. True Blood. It will keep to alive, but it will bore you to death."
  • Eric's answer to Bill's comment about him behaving himself at Merlotte's was "Don't I always?"
  • To Bill: "Man up, my frieind. Newborns can be like this."
  • "There are favors and then there are...favors."
  • "Honestly, Bill, did you think you could keep her to yourself?"

Season 2:

  • To Lafayette after dismembering Royce: "Is there blood in my hair?"
  • To Lafayette: "Your associate, this... p***y lover. Has he or she mentioned any new product coming on the market?"
  • Eric's comment to Lafayette when Lafayette was drinking too much blood: "Don't get greedy."
  • To Lafayette: "You're gonna have to come out sometime."
  • To Bill referring to Godric: "If someone such as he can be taken, then none of us are safe."
  • To Bill, when Sookie stands up to him: "Your human is getting cocky."
  • After intimidating Jason: "Good boy. Now run along." *grin*
  • To Sookie: "Don't use words you don't understand."
  • To Sookie: "Don't use words I don't understand."
  • To Sookie: "Trust me."
  • To Bill: "Are you trying to pick a fight?" *swaggers and smirks*
  • To Sookie: "No time. Suck... suck it out. I'm... dying." *feigns passing out*
  • To Bill after Sookie sucked out the silver: "She was superb."
  • To Bill after Sookie yells at him and pounds her fist into his stomach: " Bill, you're right. I do believe I can sense her emotions!"
  • To Bill: "It's done. She's part of me now. Get out of the way."
  • To Lafayette: "You know how you feel with my blood inside you? Well, being a vampire is like that... times a million."
  • To Sam with lazy disdain: "Why should I help you... Shifter?
  • To Pam referring to Arlene's kids: "Oh, come on, Pam. They're funny. They're like humans but miniature." *squirreling his face up* "Teacup humans."
  • "Good night, tiny humans." *wink*
  • To Bill: "Oh Billy. This paranoia is really quite unbecoming. Has she a... mentioned me?"
  • Eric and Sookie : "You surprise me. That is a rare quality in humans." "You disgust me." "Perhaps I'll grow on you." "I'd prefer cancer."

Romania si Criza!

Doamne,ne'a lovit criza:|.Zilele trecute cand statea,am vrut sa intru pe un site mai vechi de poze, mypictures.ro,si am vazut ca nu mai e.Am profitat de faptul ca il cunosc pe tipul care a facut site'ul,si l'am intrebat...
apropo,ce s'a intamplat cu mypictures?
M N: l am inchis
M N: ca nu mai am bani delok
M N: sa l intretin
†BLOOD Child†: a,naspa
†BLOOD Child†: doamne,chiar se site ca e criza?
†BLOOD Child†:
M N: nu stiu daca de la criza
M N: dar eu o resimnt cu "bucurie"
A dracu criza!

Intrebari Stupide In Casa!

De ce toata lumea trebuie sa puna intrebari stupide gen (1)'Mai stai mult la baie?' ; sau (2)'Mai ai mult?'; (3)'Mai mergem azi?' ; (4)'Mai dormi mult?' ;(5)'Mai vorbesti mult?'...Si la toate aceste intrebari stupide,primim raspunsuri stupide gen: '(1)Mai stau 5 minute ';'In 2 secunde am iesit';'Nu,nu mai stau mult'... ; (2)'Nu,acum termin' ; 'Imediat' ; 'Am terminat!(si mai stai inca juma'de ora) ; (3)'Da,acum plecam!'-Dar cand vrei,maine? ; 'In 2 minute am plecat'; (4)'Nu,5 minute si ma ridic!' ; 'Mai lasa'ma 5 minute si ma ridic' ; (5)'Acum termin de vorbit'; 'Imediaat'..
Si stiti ce este si mai grav?Ca nu putem scapa de ele...si stiti si de ce?Pentru ca toata lumea le foloseste - acasa,la servici,in viata de zi cu zi,la televizor,la radio,pe strada.....